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Quilts for Toby: Part 2

This time, we are auctioning four different baby quilts. Each quilt will start at $30 and can increase in bids by $5. I will post this on our Facebook page as well, and will keep updates on which quilts have bids and for how much.

All four of these were hand made....

Quilt #1: Made by my friend's mom. Measures 39" x 65" and shows scenes of bears doing sports activities in pastel boy colors.

Quilt #2: Made by my friend's mom. Measures 41" by 52" and shows cute scenes of safari animals.

Quilt #3: Made by me. This one measures 21" x 41" and depicts a reproduction 1930s vintage baby quilt design called "Off to Dreamland" with scenes from nursery rhymes.

Quilt #4: Designed and pieced together by my step daughter Sarah and quilted by me. Measures 28" x 34". This one is in the cute and trendy color scheme of black, pink, white and green with owls and geometric patterns. Perfect for a baby girl!

Each one took hours and h…

Another step toward our sweet boy!

Our hearts were filled with encouragement today, praise the Lord!!!  He is so gracious!!

We were blessed by some more financial support.  We sent off the first of our paperwork to get the apostille for our dossier.  We were encouraged by those who continue to share our story and raise awareness for Toby's adoption.  We heard an amazing answer to prayer.  And...we came across some photos of our sweet boy when he was only four years old. 
Isn't he just the most precious thing????
He has been waiting so long for a family!  It broke our hearts to know how long...and to know how very aware of it he is! 

Please, Lord, whisper to his heart that his family is coming!!! 

We also saw this more recent photo - another view of our son's sweet face!

We are just beyond in love with him.  He is constantly in our hearts and minds and conversations and prayers.  Jack (age 6 1/2) prayed at lunch today, "Jesus, please let Toby know that we are his family and we are coming!" 


Quilts for Toby!!!

We have decided to begin our first fundraiser to help bring Toby home!

We have some special quilts that were made by me or Sarah and two by a friend's mom that we will "auction" off one at a time!

We have this posted on our Facebook page:
If you are interested in one of the quilts and are on Facebook, please let me know via message.  If you do not have a Facebook account, please leave a comment stating your interest to this post. 

 I will start each quilt at a certain amount and will accept interested offers for three days before listing the winner and starting the new auction. The winner can submit the donation... to our YouCaring site for Toby's adoption expenses. 

So....our first quilt is this 36" x 36" cat quilt! It was made and quilted by me (Kameron) in my pre-kids days and has been stored carefully for the past several years.  (Yes...this is when I had the luxury of spending time making a cat quilt...those days…

The Goodness of God

Three weeks ago today we sent the email to Reece's Rainbow committing to adopt Toby.  There had been many other serious inquiries, we were told. 

We held our breath.  We prayed.  We trusted that the Lord would know exactly which family Toby needed to be in.  I did not sleep much that night...waiting....

Monday morning, July 6th at 8:39am we got the email stating that no one else had committed and we were welcome to pursue Toby's adoption.  "Congratulations!" 
The emotions of those first few days of running completely on adrenaline and tears and prayers still move me deeply.  It was only the very beginning of this journey...the beginning of waiting and praying and aching.  But it was also the beginning of something new in our own faith journey. 

God is revealing Himself to us in new ways DAILY.  Three weeks ago we did not have any inkling of what was coming.  Three weeks ago when we read of God's adoption of us as sons and daughters in His word, we were not mov…

Toby for the Meyer Family!

Our Reece's Rainbow Family Support page is up and running!  What beautiful words:  "Toby for the Meyer family!"  Yes!!!

Toby is for the entire Meyer family.  It has been so amazing to see in just a week, how this quest to bring Toby home has brought us closer together as a family.

We are all committed to bringing Toby home as quickly as possible!  We know that the longer we delay on our end, the longer he has to be without the love of a family.  In one week, we have done massive amounts of paperwork already - almost completing our portion of the home study documents on our end.  This has required Mom to be spending a lot of time on the computer, but the rest of the family has stepped up to help each in their own ways.

Our Jake has taken over the kitchen!  He loves to cook and bake and is going to be entering a culinary program at college in Fall 2016, so being in the kitchen is something he enjoys.  But he has gone above and beyond, preparing lunch and dinner several day…

Our Journey to Toby Begins!

Within the last week, the life of the Meyer family has gone in a direction we did not anticipate.  In January we moved to Las Vegas and became surprisingly and happily settled here, a place we never thought we'd ever visit, let alone live!  We have been blessed by many good friendships already and love our new church family.  Jake and Sarah arrived for the summer and we've been enjoying time with them, showing them the beauty of the desert!  We have reached a place of comfort and contentment and peace, which is welcomed after so much uncertainty in the past year or so!         
But God does not want us to stay comfortable and content.  He likes to shake us up so that we can learn how to more fully depend on Him.  And He shook things up for us this weekend!  We took a mini-vacation to Utah for two days as a family to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary!  It was beautiful!  The second night was the first time I had internet access, so I checked email.  There was an email from…