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Happy Birthday, Toby!

Toby turned 12 yesterday!!
This is his second birthday surrounded by a family who loves him!

We are so grateful for our boy and the chance to pour love into his life for all the birthdays and regular days to come.  
It has been hard to keep up on blogging, though much is happening in Toby's life and in our hearts as parents.  While there are still very unique challenges in raising an adopted child, we've decided that Toby is incorporated enough into our family that we no longer need a separate blog to document his progress or our growth as a family.  Instead, we will continue to keep up with our main family blog: Meyer Family Updates
Please feel free to follow along - and I will do my best to post more often!  
Thank you for following along with us on the journey to adopt Toby and make him our son!  Please keep praying for us and keep in touch!