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Why we brought him back home...

The new school year is in full swing, we've had a wonderful summer and I am enjoying teaching all FOUR of my boys this year!  Yes, after having Toby in public school for a year, we prayerfully decided to bring him home to learn with his brothers.

I thought that perhaps by sharing a bit of this part of our story, others may be encouraged to make hard decisions, listen to the Lord's prompting and take a leap of faith.

While Toby did enjoy his fourth grade year in our local, small-town public school, my spirit was restless for most of the year.  He started off his year strong, loved his teacher, the other adults he came in contact with, art class on Fridays, school lunches, etc.  It was an adjustment for us all to send off one child to school while the other three stayed behind with me.  Toby often expressed concern that he was missing something we were doing without him; Jack (my social child) worried that he was missing something Toby had at school...there wasn't much peace…