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A quick update

It has been a while since we've updated the blog!  So much is going on and we are getting closer and closer to meeting our sweet boy!

Paperwork is almost done...we are now just waiting to be approved by US Customs and Immigration. It is so hard to wait on others once our portion is complete!  Please pray for patience for us, but also for our case to be assigned an officer soon so that we can get the approval quickly and be officially submitted in Toby's country.  If all goes well, it still looks like we could be traveling in December.

We are beginning to prepare not only for Toby's arrival in our family, but for our trip.  We are going as a family, so planning for winter gear (but limited luggage) for five of us is a challenge!  Our plan is for Kameron to stay with the boys in country after the court date while Josh returns home to work. Still working out the other details...but we covet your prayers for wisdom and safety as we plan what to do.

God has provided in more a…

Child-like Faith

I apologize for the lack of my blogging recently!  We hit our 2 month mark (September 2nd) from seeing Toby and committing to be his family...and in that 2 months MUCH was accomplished!  Our Home Study is finished and has been sent off for U.S. Customs and Immigration approval.  That process could around 2 months...but sometimes it happens quicker, so we cherish your prayers that our paperwork would get there quickly, get assigned a case officer and be approved in record time!!!  Our God can move mountains...and that means mountains of paperwork, too!

Now we wait.  We've sent off everything we can possibly send off, including several grant applications.  I think that perhaps the waiting is harder than actually completing the stacks and stacks of paperwork!  Now we have to rely on other people to get things accomplished on our behalf.  But our waiting isn't nearly as hard as our sweet boy's days and weeks and months and years of waiting for a family.

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