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Almost home...

I apologize for my lack of updates!  As I'm sure you can imagine, being alone with four busy boys, traveling to Kiev and trying to get all the paperwork done for Toby's visa has left me with very little spare time.

On Tuesday the 15th, we picked up the court decree and George and Joe came along for the drive to Toby's birth city, while Jack stayed behind with the Kayser family.  It ended up being a 13-hour day in the car and we were all just exhausted.  We are so grateful for Irina, who is just a powerhouse when it comes to getting things done for her families!  As we drove the hour and a half or so to his birth city, the fields reminded us just of Ohio!  Even George said it looked like Ohio!  The little boys did a great job for being contained in a small space for so long.

On Wednesday, we had another long drive ahead of us, so I left all three of the boys with the Kaysers.  They have been such a huge answer to prayer and the timing of their own adoption visit to Krivoy …