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Home for Six Months

Today marks our six month anniversary of bringing Toby home. I'm not going to lie.  It has been a rough six months.  I think it takes courage - something I haven't quite had up until now - to be real and honest and put some of the ponderings of your heart into words that can be read by so many.  In all actuality, as one sweet friend so aptly put it, "It is as if God had silenced my words."
I'm a pretty wordy person...and it was such a joy to keep up with this blog and write about all that God was doing as we committed to Toby, saw miracle after miracle in the fundraising and paperwork process, and took the adventure across the world to bring home our son.
But once we got home, my words have failed me.  Of course Josh and I have talked...and talked...and talked until we are exhausted about it all.  About how we didn't expect this.  How we thought it would be different.  How we are tired.  How sometimes we are just plain sad to see how our family has been alte…