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The LORD provides...exceedingly and abundantly!

Our family is praising the Lord on this first Sunday of Advent!

We prayed about how we could best share about our Miracle of Adoption child - Joey.  We prayed about what we could do to raise money for his adoption grant.  We've been praying for a family to see him and choose him.

We had planned to do a bake sale in front of our house this weekend when our town celebrated the kick off for the Christmas season and lots of people from out of town would be traveling through.  But our dear pastor heard about our plans and told us to bring it all to church on Sunday instead.  He had asked my husband and I to share our testimonies this Sunday as well.  Josh shared about how he came to the Lord 12 years ago when a rocket exploded just feet away from him in Iraq.  I was asked to share some of our adoption story.

I didn't think I was ready.  I was nervous.  I wasn't sure how to share something that we are still so deep in the middle of.  This isn't a story that has reached a be…

Happy "Metcha Day" to our Toby!

Toby has been in our lives for one year as of today!  He's come a long way in a year!

Miracle of Adoption

It has been a while since I posted anything on this blog.  It does NOT mean that nothing has been happening!  God is doing great things in our family and in Toby's life, and I will update on that soon.

But tonight I don't want to focus on our own miracles of adoption...the things we keep seeing and experiencing that have grown us and shown us what a marvelous thing adoption is even in the midst of challenges.

I want to introduce you to one little boy who was left behind in Toby's city.

One little sweetheart that I got to hold and hug and whisper in his ear in Russian, "You are loved!"

His Reece's Rainbow name is Joey.
And he is my "angel" - the child I've chosen to advocate for during the annual Christmas campaign, now named "Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign."

Last year as Christmas was drawing near, we busted our boy out of the orphanage forever.  But not before Toby made his rounds to say goodbye to those he was leaving behind…