The LORD provides...exceedingly and abundantly!

Our family is praising the Lord on this first Sunday of Advent!

We prayed about how we could best share about our Miracle of Adoption child - Joey.  We prayed about what we could do to raise money for his adoption grant.  We've been praying for a family to see him and choose him.

We had planned to do a bake sale in front of our house this weekend when our town celebrated the kick off for the Christmas season and lots of people from out of town would be traveling through.  But our dear pastor heard about our plans and told us to bring it all to church on Sunday instead.  He had asked my husband and I to share our testimonies this Sunday as well.  Josh shared about how he came to the Lord 12 years ago when a rocket exploded just feet away from him in Iraq.  I was asked to share some of our adoption story.

I didn't think I was ready.  I was nervous.  I wasn't sure how to share something that we are still so deep in the middle of.  This isn't a story that has reached a beautiful conclusion.  But God gave the words to share what He's been doing in our family and in our hearts in the past 11 months.  And he used our own story of bringing our Toby home on Christmas day, to stir the hearts of others for the orphans who will NOT have a family to come home to this Christmas.

He used our story to raise awareness, prayer and funding for sweet little Joey.

He worked in the generous hearts of our small, faithful congregation.  They bought every baked item, every crocheted snowflake.

They bought the paintings the boys made and specifically asked for the ones made by Toby himself.

They asked questions about Reece's Rainbow and took home information sheets.  They wrote checks and gave in abundance.

Our faithful little church raised $1471.00 today for Joey's account!

I am speechless and humbled and grateful!

We still have four paintings left and would love to raise a few more dollars for any of the children in the Miracle of Adoption Christmas campaign.  If you'd like to make a donation of $10 or more and send me the receipt (, I will send you one of the paintings.

As we decorated our Christmas tree this week, we came across the ornaments of children we've sponsored in past Christmas campaigns.  Every single one of them is in a family - except for Paul .  We advocated for Paul last Christmas...and he still waits for a family.

Please join with our family as we continue to pray for a family for Paul and for Joey, for Chester and Byron....and for all the orphans who will experience another Christmas without a family.

And thank you - with all of our hearts - to our brothers and sisters at Grace Christian Church who gave so generously to Joey's account!  What a beautiful way to begin Advent!  


  1. Just wanted to wish you a blessed Christmas!
    Prayers to you all!


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