The story continues...

Due to some feedback I received after my last post, stating that I would not be writing on this blog any longer, it seems that God has been using this simple blog and my transparent words and thoughts to reach out to other adoptive families...many of whom I never even knew were following our journey!

So...I will continue to write.  It is true that within the adoptive community, when things are tough - most go silent.  The silence can be devastating for families who need encouragement and need to know they are not alone.  It is a fine balance to know how much to share.

We are still very much in the trenches with our own adoption story.  As a family, we seem to take a few steps forward and then something will make us tumble several steps back down the path.  It is a hard process.

So, I will prayerfully consider which topics to share in the hopes that they might be of encouragement to other families who are walking a similar journey...and to those who are considering adoption and need more honest voices to show them the realities, joys and heartbreaks of choosing to adopt a child with special needs and make them your own.

Since Toby recently received a clinical diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (something we've known for a year, but have never been able to get some to indicate medically and officially), I am beginning a post about what it looks like on a day-to-day basis to live with, love and train a child with FAS.

Thank you for your comments and feedback and for bearing with our long stretches of silence.  We still believe without a doubt that God called us to this, that he chose Toby to be our son and that He will be glorified in our story, even in the darkest moments.  We still believe that adoption is the RIGHT thing.  Please keep praying for us.  And know that each comment is read and cherished.


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